The boldness of this video captures the spirit of where we want to go creatively in 2017

Fireside Music presents Rondel Roberts Directed by Oliver Banyard

Oliver Banyard brings his best yet with this visual journey through Fireside 8.0

Consistent with his tendency to "paint outside the lines," Oliver Banyard shocks us all again with this honest depiction of last month's party with LesAmauri.. Enjoy:)

Oliver Banyard communicates the vibrancy of Fireside community through honest and bold visual art. Check out his collection from last month's show featuring Common Influence artists, Amelia Eveta and LesAmauri. 

It was amazing having Michael Bernard Fitzgerald over at the Fireside House.. His influence has reached far beyond Calgary, yet he still holds community and connection in this city as a priority in his life. This "essence" of MBF is captured beautifully by Oliver Banyard. 

Matty Mac pushes boundaries, letting his passion for hip hop and electronica seamlessly infuse with the alternative sound more recognizable to Calgary's palette. In this video, Davey Gravy captures Matty's vision for innovative music in our city.

Our very own founding member, Celeste Aviles, brought the house down with her gorgeous melody, smooth tone and experienced musicianship. Video by Davey Gravy