Fireside Feature | Jae Sterling


It’s April and its -8 degrees Celsius. The setting is Philosafy Coffee on 17th avenue. The door swings open as a breeze flows in behind the coldest rapper that Calgary has produced to date. Jae Sterling and his manager sit across Fireside founder Jared Clark and I. His presence is felt the second he takes a seat. A man on a mission with a message Hip-Hop fans across all walks of life have been waiting for.

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Features/ FiresideX


001 | Fireside X David Morin

Fireside exists to make a meaningful impact in the lives of its community members as well as the artists who come through. We have exists for over two years and we've had a goal from the beginning to share the entire story of an artist coming through our community. We have now accomplished that goal thanks to one of our resident videographers Eli Clark. "Fireside X David Morin" will reveal the vibrancy existing in the Calgary Music scene and inspire you to engage it perhaps for the first time. Enjoy:)