David Morin - Fireside


106 years of history packed in to the walls of an Inglewood staple: The Lantern Church. The
second you walk into the venue you feel a slight shiver at the nostalgia that pierces those walls.

Just minutes away, we would be blown away by the soulful musical force that is David Morin.
This was the first Fireside event in the sanctuary. To say that it added to the intensity of the
music being played would be an immense understatement. No one more suitable to establish the musical pedigree we at Fireside are looking to showcase than Morin.
The stage was set. The drinks were flowing, and everyone in the building was smiling and
feeling good.

First, Morin blessed us with the most soulful rendition of Leon Bridges “Coming Home’” that
I’ve ever heard, leaving the room in awe. Giving a song like that a Morin Makeover set the pace for the rest of the evening. Showcasing his original music and mixing in a version of Musiq Soulchild’s “Just Friends (Sunny)” the set list kept people in attendance on their toes looking forward for what would come next.

Seeing Morin deliver the intensity of a full band all by himself was a sight to see. Every
sweltering guitar riff followed by screams from the crowd. Channelling D’Angelo-esque vocal
tones Morin carries on through his set keeping the audience’s attention showcasing what it
means to put in 10 thousand hours to your craft.

After a perfect length solo set, Morin was joined on stage with a three-piece band. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought these guys had played together for years, although he was introduced to these artists from the Fireside community only a few days prior. Seamlessly catching each other’s high points, they went around the room for everyone to get their solo in from Louis El Pana Tovar on the drums, Esteban Herrera playing keys, Dean Clark on bass and of course, David Morin.

As a last hoorah for what can only be explained as an experience you had to be there to believe, Morin called upon the audience to join in for a jam session. What came next was about 15 minutes of raw and unfiltered fellowship between all the artists inspired to go up and bless Morin with their musical two cents.

As the show closes and the crowd piles out, the sanctuary is empty the last few notes bounce off of the walls as remanence that David Morin was there.