For the Culture

Authenticity and quality are the two pillars holding up the musical culture of Fireside.

As the next generation of artists emerge and strive to create quality music, we believe it is important that they create art authentic to their own identity in the process. Fireside hopes to establish that standard as music from Calgary begins to move audiences around the world. 


Deep Roots

Fireside is not a new idea, rather a continuation of a movement Jared Clark was born into.

Jared's dad, Dean created music clubs in every city they lived, in an attempt to build local community through monthly concerts. As a musician himself, he naturally created a space for the touring artists to feel at home in his home. On the days and nights surrounding each show, they were a part of the Clark family, with meals naturally leading to late night jam sessions/ house concerts and these real moments sparking a deeper level of connection with the local community at the main concert.

After living, traveling, studying and working in 38 countries over 6 years after high school, Jared felt a hunger to experience real community in the same way he tasted around the world. This motivated him to create Fireside and intentionally tap back into his family practice of creating community through music in Bowness, the neighbourhood where his family had been for generations.


Fireside Today

Well in to it's 3rd year, Fireside has staged more than 40 quality Canadian artists and bands.

Today Fireside is made up of primarily young performing, recording and visual artists. It also consists of individuals seeking community who have found it through the monthly house shows.